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Creating Templates
Creating Templates

Learn how to create a new template

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Click on Templates in your CloudInspect menu, this’ll take you to the list of all of the reports in your system. Please note, there may be restrictions on your ability to create new templates. This is most likely because you are a member of a franchise. Please reach out to your franchise authority for assistance.

Click Add Template to bring up a modal window where you can name your new Report Template and set an initial version (this second field is optional).

This’ll take you to a screen to build and edit your new template. You can click the New button in the upper left section to create a new Section which you can name, create preliminary sub-sections, and set up rows and columns as necessary.

You can add a new ‘Page’ under New – Page to separate sections and sub-sections into specific pages for your report.

Once you have all of your sections and sub-sections built into your report template you can put your template in Edit mode in the upper left. That’ll let you add controls or modify your current cells.

Click the pencil icon to adjust that cell’s row span, column span (how many rows or columns it takes up) as well as the alignment, color, or you can entirely remove that cell.

Click the + icon in the upper right to add a control to a cell.

You can click the pencil icon next to a control to edit it, the trashcan icon will delete it, and you can click & drag the lines icon

Controls exist in the following types:

Textbox, Checkbox, Dropdown, Text Area, Radio, Photos, Label,
Fill In Label, Narrative, Date/Time, Linked Input, Item Label List

Once you have your control setup hit Add at the bottom of the modal window.

Each Section has a set of controls you can use to the right of the Section Name as well.

The Red Circle icon lets you default a report section to Complete.
The Papers Icon lets you duplicate a section.
The Gear Icon lets you rename the section.
The Plus Icon lets you add another sub-section.
The Trashcan Icon deletes that section.
The A Icon lets you toggle if the title prints.
The Flag Icon lets you set a color for that section’s flag (optional).
The Down Arrow icon lets you set Page Breaks and Table of Contents for that section.

Once you have all of your report built up you can hit the Save button in the upper left area. After saving, your report template will be immediately usable.

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