Uploading Photos

Learn how to upload and add photos to your reports

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When working on a report in CloudInspect you'll see a pane on the far right side where you can upload a set of photos to be used all across the report:

You can add photos here by clicking on the Camera icon in the upper right or set a property photo by clicking and dragging one of the other images into that square.

Each section and any Remarks used will have a spot to add photos as well:

You can use the Camera Icon in these areas, or drag any photos from the right-side photo panel and drop them into those sections.

Clicking on the camera icon will bring up a modal window where you can search through the photos already loaded to that report, or upload one from your device:

Photo Status Icons
CloudInspect will load photos intelligently and we show you the status indicator for those photos as you add them.

Red - The photo is stored in RAM / local storage

Yellow - The photo is uploading

Green = The photo uploaded and is good to go!

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