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Understanding Your Order Form
Understanding Your Order Form

Order Form

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Understanding Your Order Form

In this article we will review the default tabs in your Order Form. The article will describe the purpose of each tab in your New ISN platform.

When you access the ISN system, you will notice that the Order Form has a 9 different tabs also called sections:

  • Client

  • Buyer's & Seller's Agent

  • Subject Property

  • Property Info

  • Services

  • Fees

  • Inspectors / Date & Time

  • Radon Appointments

  • Review

Client Tab

In the client tab you can register the order’s client contact information. Entering client information in this section using the option number 1 Add New Client will generate a new client profile in the entire system.

If you use the option 2 Search for an Existing Client you will only retrieve a previously registered client.

It’s important to mention that if you use this option 2 and then you change the client information you will be overwriting an existing client profile. Those orders that have the same client profile added will reflect the updates since the system is basically updating a profile.

Buyer's & Seller's Agent Tab

In the buyer's or seller’s agent section you can register a completely new agent in the system using option 1 or you can use option 2 to indicate there isn’t any agent assigned to this order.

Similar to the client section, if you use the option 1 Add a New Buyer/Seller Agent and then you change the agent information, this agent profile will be updated in the entire system so previous orders that have the same agent either as buyer or seller will reflect the updates.

Subject Property Tab

The Subject Property section is very straightforward. Here you can enter the address of the property that will be inspected.

Property Info Tab

This section is used to describe the property details such as the size, the age, the foundation etc. You can also describe the inspection type which is the information that describes the characteristics of the property that you will be inspecting.

Please keep in mind that the inspection type is not the same as services therefore it must not be used to list all the services that you offer, instead it will be used to describe what type of property it is for example residential, industrial, commercial or special purpose.

Services Tab

The services tab will display all the services that you offer in your inspection company. You can have Main Property Inspection Services that are basically a full property inspection, you can also have Ancillary Services also known as Add-Ons that can be added for a lower cost only if the client requests a full property inspection service along with it. Finally you can also have Stand Alone Services where you can list all the different services that you offer without needing a full property inspection service.

Fees Tab

In this section you can manually input the amount that will be charged for the order. The main inspection Fee (# 1 in the screenshot below) will represent the total amount of a Main Property Inspection Service. It will change based on the service selection in the tab “Services” in “Main Property Inspection Service” so it wouldn’t be necessary to create a fee for each main service.

Every other service “Ancillary” and “Stand Alone” can have its own fee. That way you can manually input the correct price for each service.

There will be a few other important things to notice in this tab. The blue box (#2) will represent the amount suggested by the system based on the automated calculations previously configured. The “Show Fees” option (#3) will display the fee breakdown so you can understand how that fee is calculated. The option “Remove” next to taxes will remove the tax in the order and the option “Add Convenience Fee” will auto calculate the surcharge and add it to the order grand total (the convenience fee must be already configured in office settings)

Inspectors / Date & Time Tab

This section is used to select the primary inspector that will perform the inspection. You can also add secondary inspectors in the order that can help with the job. Below the inspectors drop down boxes you will see a bar that will show the availability of the inspector selected. In case the inspector is already booked at that time you will see a warning message indicating that the time slot isn’t available.

Radon Appointments Tab

The radon appointment section is designed to help you schedule calendar events that will be tied to the order that can help you coordinate additional radon required tasks.

For instance, if the order has a radon service and you need to drop off the radon detector one day before the inspection, you can create an extra calendar event using this option to drop off the equipment 24 hours prior the inspection. So the system will automatically generate two events, one for the order itself on the exact inspection date and one for the radon drop-off 24 hours before the inspection date.

Review Tab

Finally you will see this Review tab that you can use to review all the information entered in the previous tabs right before you fully schedule your inspection.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at (800) 700-8112, or you can email us at or open a chat in the upper right corner of your ISN!

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