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Letting Clients Know you Offer ACH
Letting Clients Know you Offer ACH

This article will show you examples of how to let clients know about ACH as a payment method.

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ISN provides you with different ways of letting your customers know about ACH.

Letting your customers know via email.

To edit the email template that is sent to the client that includes the payment link.

To begin, go to Email > email templates

The next step would be to locate the email template, Type in keywords such as "payment" to view email templates with this subject line. Confirm that the email template is being used for which email event. To edit the email template, select the pencil edit icon to the left of the name of the template name.

In the editor screen, add the text directly to the body of the email, after you have made edits to your email template go ahead and select Save Template.

Letting your customers know via the Online Scheduler.

The second option of communicating this new payment feature to your clients is via the display of a message in the Online Scheduler, Which can be edited so that while a client is scheduling they are also aware of this feature.

To get started, go to Settings > Office settings > Online Scheduler V3 settings

Then Under settings add the text you would like the client to see in the field titled: Display a banner with the following text at the top of the Online Scheduler (leave blank to omit) These changes can be seen in real time

Select the "Try it" option near the top of the page to preview what the client will see:

Letting your customers know via the Conveience fee message within the payment link.

You can also edit the message that appears when a client clicks on the payment link that is sent via email.

The first step would be to access the convenience fee settings, Go to Settings > office settings > Convenience fee

Then add the message you would like to be displayed, for this example we will use this the next seen in the following image.

And you are all set, when the client clicks on the payment link within an email containing the %paymentlink% replacement value, this is a preview of what they will see:

If you have any questions about this process please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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