How much does it cost?

The ACH account is $20 per month and $2.25 per transaction. If more than one inspection per month is paid with ACH you will typically break even.

Do I still have credit card processing fees?

Yes, if you are using ISN’s Convenience Fee tool, then you can choose to increase your inspection fee by a percentage or a fixed amount (you control the amount) which will cover your monthly processing fees. However, Guardian also has a true convenience fee account where Guardian charges the convenience fee and splits that portion off of your batch, so you get the full inspection fee. Guardian gets the convenience fee amount, eliminating the processing fee. Your monthly credit card fees would be $0.00

How do I know if the ACH transaction is good?

ISN is dialing into a system that verifies the account number and that the routing numbers are valid. With ACH, funds will not be verified for 3-5 business days. If that ACH transaction is returned for “insufficient funds”, ISN will notify you so that you can collect payment another way. Other third-party systems require you to log in to their dashboard every day to look for declined transactions, otherwise, you would not be aware if the transaction was declined. Only with ISN’s integrated ACH will you get the security of knowing you will be notified if a transaction is declined at a later date.

Do I have to have a credit card processing account with Guardian?

Yes. ISN has been referring Guardian for more than 15 years. ISN is currently the only inspection software that has access to Guardian’s preferred gateway and has an integrated ACH processing account. Guardian can get you connected with a merchant account that has no monthly fees, and they will guarantee to lower your existing rates. By switching over to Guardian, not only will you gain access to ISN’s integrated e-check feature, but you will save money on your processing fees every month.

Contact information for Guardian Financial:

Aaron Fuhriman Phone: 1-800-608-7363 ext 605

Ben Tolman Phone: 1-800-608-7363 ext 603

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