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Real Estate Dashboard - Assign a transaction coordinator to any agent
Real Estate Dashboard - Assign a transaction coordinator to any agent

A transaction coordinator will be able to log in to any agent's RED they are assigned to using their own set of credentials to do so.

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Creating the transaction coordinator and going through the registration process

A transaction coordinator is just another agent profile who will have the ability to log in to any other agent's RED, only if the transaction coordinator is assigned to these agents under the agent profile. This does sound very complicated, but do not worry! We'll take you step by step so you can be able to assign them with no problem.

First thing's first, you will need to create a new agent profile who will act as the transaction coordinator, there is no need to enable anything different for them, it is just a regular agent. Feel free to follow this link to see how to add a new agent profile.

Once the transaction coordinator profile is created they will need to register to their own new RED dashboard and create a password for them, the steps to complete the registration process are listed here. They will be able to find their RED link once they have been added as an agent to your system

We need the transaction coordinator and the agent to complete the RED registration process for this to work.

You can double-check if the registration process was successful because you'll see a timestamp under the transaction coordinator's profile

Assigning the transaction coordinator to one or multiple agents

To assign a transaction coordinator to any agent you will need to edit the agent profile you want the coordinator to have access to, then simply use this field to search for any other agent who will act as this agent's coordinator:

Your selection will be saved after clicking the "Add transaction coordinator" option, also with the visual aid, it will be easier to track who is who's coordinator for each agent. You can have multiple transaction coordinators for a single agent, and the same transaction coordinator can be assigned to multiple agents.

Logging in as a transaction coordinator

The transaction coordinator will use the agent's RED link and use the transaction coordinator's email and password to log in and bypass the agent's own credentials.

It is very important to note that once a transaction coordinator is assigned to an agent's profile, they have full access to that agent's Real Estate Professional dashboard. If at any point the transaction coordinator's access needs to be disabled, this can be done by selecting the "X" next to the transaction coordinator in the agent profile for which they no longer need access.

If you have any questions about this process please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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