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Custom Control - A Drop Down Triggered On and Off by a Checkbox
Custom Control - A Drop Down Triggered On and Off by a Checkbox
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When creating orders in ISN, you might face the situation where you will have to create a field for the scheduler to let you know a piece of information. A text box will not work, as you need to have standardized data in your system for your reports, replacement values, etc. A Drop Down Triggered On and Off by a Checkbox is the best solution for this kind of scenario. The Control name basically explains its purpose, but we will show an example of how it works.

We are going to use a Multi-family checkbox from where the scheduler can select the property type.

First, we will define the Control's section location, go to Settings --> Office Settings --> Customize Order Form (Within the Inspection and Fee Settings Box):

For this type of control, Property Info is the most accurate section. Click on the Controls button:

Next, click on the '+ Add a Control' Button:

In the Control Type search for the one titled: A Drop Down Triggered On and Off by a Checkbox.

Here's how the setting will appear:

1.- This is a preview of how the Control will look within the Order Form

2.- The Control Type Dropdown

3.- How you would like to name the Control in your ISN

4.- In the Description field, you will add the options for the Drop Down. Separate them with a vertical bar '|'

5.- The Text Value is how the checkbox will be named in the Order Form and the Online Scheduler before displaying the description

Once you have finished setting up the Control, click on the Add Control button to save it.

You will be sent back to the Order Controls. Now, if you want that Control to be added to the Order Form, make sure that the "Show in Order Form" option in the 6th column is checked in Green:

This is how the Control will appear within the Order Form:

On the Online Scheduler, the Control can now be activated within the Order Form Controls settings, check the box to activate it:

If you want to change the display order for that Control, you can click and drag the arrow icon within the Order Form Control settings:

The Large Text Box Control will appear exactly the same as in the Order Form:

"What if I would like to charge an extra amount for the option selected?"

In ISN, you can add Fees to some of the Control fields!

Follow the next steps to add the Fees:

1.- Go to the Order Form Sections Settings --> Office Settings --> Customize Order Form (Within the Inspection and Fee Settings Box):

Search for the Section Name and click on the Edit Controls button:

Search for the Control, and in the Fees column (fourth column) click the Edit tab:

Now click on Add Fee amount. You will see the next fields appear:

  • Text Value - the equivalent text from the drop-down control option.

  • The amount to add according to the selection

  • The Fee you would like to apply for that selection

For this case we added $50 for each selection and selected to be added to the Home Inspection Fee:

After setting up the Control Fees, if we go back to the Order Form or the Online Scheduler and select an option from the Control, it will add the amount:

To make sure that the amount has been added, go to the Fees tab, and select the option to show the calculation of fees:

In the Fee Breakdown section, you will see how the extra amount is being calculated as well:

If you have any questions about this information please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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