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Custom Control - A text box triggered on and off by a checkbox
Custom Control - A text box triggered on and off by a checkbox

How to add a text box that will trigger based on a checkbox.

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In ISN, we are continuously adding new Controls to the Order Form so you can use it without having to create them yourself. Some companies require specific information from the clients and/or agents to perform their services that may vary on how they are performed or the equipment that is used during the inspection.

That is why we have created this kind of Control. As the name states, you can create a checkbox that will open a text box for the scheduler to enter the required information.

For example, we will add this Control to ask the scheduler if the property has been previously restored.

First, we will define the Control's section location, go to Settings --> Office Settings --> Customize Order Form:

For this control, the Property Info tab is the most accurate section, click on the Controls button:

Now, click on the '+ Add a Control' Button:

In the Control Type search for the one named: A Text Box triggered on and off by a Checkbox.

1.- A preview of how this Control will look like in the Order Form

2.- The Control Type Dropdown

3.- Type the name you would like this control to display in your ISN

4.- Type the Description in the text box which will be display after the option is checked

5.- The Text Value will display the name of the checkbox on the Order Form and the Online Scheduler before displaying the description

6.- Since we are asking for a year we have limited it to 6 characters, but you can add up to 64 characters.

Once you have finished setting up the Control, click on the Add Control button to save it.

You will be sent back to the Order Controls section. Now, if you want that Control to be added to the Order Form, make sure that the "Show in Order Form" option in the 6th column is checked in Green:

This is how the Control will appear on the Order Form:

On the Online Scheduler, the Control can be activated in the Order Form Controls settings, check the box to activate it:

Finally, if you want to change the order you can select the arrow icon to click and drag the section up or down:

The Large Text Box Control will look exactly the same as on the Order Form:

If you have any questions about this information please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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