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How to add a Label to any Tab on your Order Form.

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The Label Control is a very useful feature for the Order Form visibility and for organization purposes. You can use it to sort the Controls into sections, especially if you have a bunch of them; it also gives instructions or allows you to highlight information for the Office Staff, Call Center, Inspectors, etc.

To add a new label on an Order Form Section, follow the next steps:

Go to Settings > Office Settings:

In the Inspection and Fee Settings Box, select 'Customize Order Form'

For the purpose of this article, we are going to select the Property Info section, but you can label any of the other sections on your Order Form:

The Label we're adding will separate some Controls from each other. Click on '+Add a Control':

To add the label, search for Label in the Type dropdown. Once you see the Control settings, it's time to create it!

As you can see in the text value field, you can format the text by size, add bolds, italics, add lists, links, or lines.

For this example, we want the label to say Report and Policy Number to separate these Controls from the rest´:

Once you are finished, click Add Control and go to the Order Form to see how it appears!

Okay, the Label has been added to the Order Form, but it does not stand out enough to really separate the Controls. You can always go back and edit the Label format to set it up to your own specifications:

That's more like it!

The other example that we mentioned at the beginning of the article was to have a message displayed on the Order Form for your staff.

In this case, we would like to communicate to the Office Staff that they have to confirm with the Call Center the inspectors' availability before assigning them the order.

What we'll do here is add a Label with a big letter size, highlight the text and add a line below the phrase.

Here is the result:

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