This article explains how the Text Box Control with a 64 character limit works and how to add it to the Order Form and/or the Online Scheduler.

(If you want to know the steps on how to add a new control, click here: Adding Controls to the Order Form)

The Text Box Control is normally used when you need to add information that is not in the Order Form and/or the Online Scheduler and want to have the inspectors, the office manager, and/or the client enter a specific piece of information about the order, such as extra property details, any location reference, or whatever else you need to know.

These are the Text Box settings that you have to set up before adding it to the Order Form Sections:

1.- It is a preview of how this Control will look like in the Order Form

2.- The Control Type Dropdown

3.- How would you like to name the Control in your ISN

4.- Short description of this new Text Box Control

5.- How would you want to name it in the Order Form

6.- How would you want to name it in the Online Scheduler

7.- Select the length of the characters for this Text Box, the limit is 64

Once you have finished setting up the Control, click on the Add Control button to save them.

You will be sent back to the Order Controls. Now, if you want that Control to be added to the Order Form, make sure that the "Show in Order Form" option in the 6th column is checked in Green:

This is how the Control will look like in the Order Form:

If you want this same Text Box Control added to the Online Scheduler, open the OS settings (Settings, Office Settings, Online Scheduler V3 Settings), and go to the Order Form Controls to enable it:

If you want to change the display order for that Control or to set it to be a required field, you can do it at the right side of the Order Form Controls settings in the Online Scheduler:

This is how the new Text Box Control will look like in the Online Scheduler:

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