Integration: Palm-Tech Version 9

This article will show you how to integrate your ISN with Palm-Tech Version 9.

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If you have Palm-Tech Version 9, the integration with ISN is stronger than ever.

Palm-Tech can now automatically import new ISN orders to make your report writing even faster.

Then, once you have your completed report, Palm-Tech can send that directly back to ISN and attach it to your order.

Click the link below for the steps to connect your ISN with Palm-Tech Version 9!

Once connected, you can open Palm-Tech and click "Start A New Inspection". This will populate with your current and upcoming ISN orders.

Once you've written your report and want to send it back to ISN, follow these steps.

  1. Click the envelope icon (email view).

  2. Enter an email address (can be your own email) and click "Email Report Now". The report must be emailed first (this creates the actual report file) - then you can send to ISN.

  3. Now that the report has been created and emailed, you can click "Mark Complete on ISN" - this will send a copy to your ISN order.

If you have any questions, feel free to open a chat or call us!


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