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Enhanced Reporting - Favorites

Learn how to "Favorite" reports in Enhanced Reporting

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In ISN's Enhanced Reporting you have the ability to "Favorite" commonly used reports for later use. It allows you to save your filter preferences and easily click to that report without having to reset the options.

This is extremely useful if there are particular reports you run month to month or week to week!

How to Favorite a Report

The first step will be setting the filters and parameters for your report. You can use any filter you'd like from the options in that report. Here I am using "Last Month". This means that the report will always run for the previous month. For example, if I open this favorited report in July, it will return data for June. If I open it in September, it will return data for August. The date filters are relative unless using a custom date range.

After you have selected your filters for the report, you will click the "Favorite" star and this pop up will appear:

In the "Name" Section you'll type in what you'd like the name to appear as in your list of favorites.

The "Description" is what will display when you hover your mouse over that name in the list.

Then click "Save Changes"

How to Edit or Delete a Favorited Report

If you wanted to change the filters on a favorited report, you will simply open the favorited report, make your filter changes and click here to "Save Filter":

To change the name of the favorite or the description, you will click the "Favorite" button again to edit the fields in the pop up, then "Save Changes":

From here you can also "Delete" or "Unfavorite" a report.

Deleting the report means it is gone from the system forever.

If you choose to unfavorite a report as opposed to delete, it won't be gone forever, but you will have to contact support for someone from the team to restore it for you if you cannot recreate.

If you have any questions about this information please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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