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Enhanced Reporting

How to use ISN's new Enhanced Reporting feature and filters

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ISN Enhanced Reporting delivers the same data as the previous experience, just in a newer and more modern format with easier filtering!

From Reports -- My Reports, click here to enter the Enhanced Reporting:

You will then be taken to the new landing page:

When you open any report you will be shown the the data contained with the "default" settings, generally the trailing 30 days and "All" set for any filter.

There are a few filtering options you will see in the reporting experience.

Filtering Types

Basic Drop Downs:

Most filters like "Inspector", "Inspection Type", etc., use the same basic mechanism. You will select the drop down arrow:

Then select your choice (Inspector in this case) and "Apply":

Anytime you would like to remove that filter, you will do the same process but click "Clear" so it returns to "All"

Date Range Filtering

The default date range for most reports is the past 30 days. Using the drop down you can change this to a number of options depending on report! Anything from last week to last year. We also have a "Custom Range" option.

To change the ranges you can click another button and "Apply" or "Clear" to return to the default 30 past days.

Location Filtering:

There are three different location filters you can use in combination. "State", "City", and "Zip Code":

You will manually enter the City or Zip Code, the State is a drop down menu.

Again you click "Apply" to run this filter and can click "Clear" to remove it.

Square Foot Filtering

To filter by square feet you will press the arrow and then use the slider to find your desired range!

You can set both maximum and minimum square foot ranges here to apply and filter your data.

Manual Entry Filters

There are a few filters that function by manual entry. Examples of this would be for "OID" (Order ID) and "County". For these you will type what you are looking for into the field and your results will be returned:

Searchable Filters

For filters such as "Client" you are presented with both a drop down so you can go through your entire list, but you can also type in the field the name of the specific client you are looking for and it will search and return results for those terms:

If you have any questions about this information please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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