To make adjustments to a single square footage range,
navigate to Settings -- Office Settings

Under Inspection and Fee Settings click on Fees per Square Footage

Add a New Square Footage Range.


Your new fee will populate at the top of the list.

Enter the appropriate FEE, SQ. FEET RANGE, DURATION, and INSPECTOR values, according to your preferences.

Note: DURATION can be left blank if you don't wish your default inspection duration to be adjusted when this square footage fee range is calculated for your inspection orders.

When you're satisfied with your entries, select SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the page to save your new square footage fee range.

Edit an Existing Square Footage Range.

Select the pencil icon near the right side of the page for the range you wish to edit.

Adjust the values as appropriate in the Editing popup.

Note: You can also assign the range to specific inspection types and services in the editing interface.

Select UPDATE when you're satisfied with your changes.

Updated ranges, that have not been saved, will display a MODIFIED indicator.

Be sure to select SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the page to save your modifications.

Delete an Existing Square Footage Range.

Select the trash can icon on the far right side of the page to delete an existing square footage range.

Add Applicable Postal/Zip Codes to Specific Ranges

For ranges only applicable in specific postal/zip codes, the appropriate postal/zip codes can be added using either the + ADD link on the square footage fee calculation grid, or the + ADD POSTAL CODES link in the editing interface.

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