Some inspection types or service don’t need square footage calculators to apply at all, and sometimes it’s helpful to limit the system from even generating square footage pricing numbers for orders of a given type or including specific services.

Please note that this article assumes you've already set up your square footage billing. For information on setting that up, click here.

To set this up, navigate to Settings -- Office Settings

Under Inspection and Fee Settings click on Fees per Square Footage

On this screen, you will either see a range of square footage fees or the base fee per square foot.

If you see a series of ranges, scroll past them, or click the ‘collapse list’ option on the upper right corner of the list.

On the right hand side, at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a section titled Fee Exclusions.

Here you can set specific overrides to tell the square footage calculations not to go into effect for any fee associated with a particular service or inspection type.

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