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How to Use Square Footage Ranges, or Charge per Square Foot
How to Use Square Footage Ranges, or Charge per Square Foot

This article shows you how to switch between billing in sqft ranges or by each square foot

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It is common practice to bill for inspection services based on the size of the property.

Many inspectors price per square foot, while others choose to use groups of square feet to calculate cost per service. The ISN was built to allow you to take either approach!

To set this up, navigate to Settings -- Office Settings

Under Inspection and Fee Settings click on Fees per Square Footage

On this screen, you will either see a range of square footage fees or the base fee per square foot.

Switch to Billing per Square Foot

If you see a series of ranges, scroll past them, or click the ‘collapse list’ option on the upper right corner of the list.

Under Square footage fee settings, you can indicate if you want to charge a flat rate, or if you’d like to set up ranges for square footage billing and provide more granular cost per service.

Basic flat rate will calculate cost per square foot, on any square feet enabled fee, based on the square footage entered on an inspection order. This can be limited to only apply over a certain size threshold for the property to be inspected.

Charge $2 per square foot on properties larger than 1500sqft:

Switch to Billing in Ranges of Square Feet

Ranges are multiple rows of information for what cost should be applied, when a property falls within a given spectrum of sizes. You can tell the ISN to only apply a fixed fee amount to an order when it matches up by property size, and optionally the inspector, order type, services selected, or zip code!

The fee column is how much will be added to the inspection fee when a property falls within a square foot range

The starting range is the smallest property that will have this rule pricing applied to it

The ending range is the largest property that will have this rule pricing applied to it

Duration will change the amount of time allocated for that inspection
Inspector will only apply this fee if that inspector is assigned to the order

Zip code will only apply this fee if the subject property is within that territory

There is currently no way to use ranges and flat rate pricing in conjunction with one another.

If you have a lot of fees to update, you can contact the ISN support team by phone, email, or live chat from your ISN and request a copy of your square footage range settings in a spreadsheet format, for you to edit and send back.

For information on how to exclude order fees from square footage calculations, based on the services selected, or inspection type, click here.

If you have any questions about this information please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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