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How to Print / Download All Inspections for an Agent
How to Print / Download All Inspections for an Agent

This article shows how to print and or download all inspections for an agent.

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In order to print/download all inspections for agent, you'll want to navigate to the agent's profile.

There are a few ways to get to an agent's profile-- one route is via Clients/Agents--Agents--Agents:

You can either browse through your list of agents or search for them in the Agents' Grid Search bar.

Once you've located your agent, you'll click the edit pencil to go into their agent profile

Another option to get to an Agent's profile is by searching the agent's name in the top right Search bar, which will take you straight to the agent's profile:

And the last route is from an order with the agent if you're already on the View Order Page.

You'll go to the Buyer's Agent sub section and click the Edit pencil, which will take you into the agent's profile

All three of these routes will land you in the agent's profile. You'll want to scroll towards the very bottom of the page, and click the blue, Show More Information, button:

This will show the agent's inspections, as seen below.

Next, you'll click the blue, Download CSV of Inspections:

Depending on your computer and browser, the download may appear at the bottom right, bottom left, or upper right of the browser window, click the download which will take you to an Excel spreadsheet.

To print this sheet of your agent's inspections, you'll click File

Then Print

And that should do it for you!

Please feel free to reach out to our support team via live chat or call us at 800-700-8112 for further assistance.

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