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Interacting, with my clients and agents, office settings

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In Settings -- Office Settings you have several options to configure how you interact with your clients and agents

  1. Agreement Options
    - Allows you to set the number of hours after an inspection starts for which an agreement is valid
    - Allow agreements to be printed and viewed from the Inspection List
    - Allow online payments to be made from the sign agreement link.
    - Display a message after your client has signed their agreement
    - Turn Signature/Initial Requirements On/off
    - Require Signature before Payment
    - Email/SMS Notifications when Agreements are Signed
    - Set text that appears on the welcome screen when a client first starts the signing process.

  2. Report Emailing Options
    - Override the sender's name and sender's email when emailing a report manually
    - Show Office Manager's Email and Name when Emailing Reports
    - Add a note to the Inspection Order when Inspection is Emailed
    - Send a TXT to a number when a report is viewed
    - Notify every time someone views a report
    - Automatically check the "Released" column in the Order Grid when a report is sent

  3. Report Delivery Settings
    - Set Direct vs Web-Page Delivery
    - Control what information is displayed on the Report collection screen
    - Require signature/payment to collect the Report

  4. Email Notifications
    - Send a carbon copy (cc) of schedule notification emails to an email address
    - Override the From Name and Email Address for manually sent emails from within the ISN
    - Send next day schedule only when there is at least 1 inspection in the schedule
    - Notify inspectors when they have an unscheduled inspection from the Online Scheduling System
    - Notify clients when they have an unscheduled inspection from the Online Scheduling System

  5. Email Template Options
    - Set the default container used for Emails
    - Set the Default Templates sent for:

  6. Invoice Templates
    - View/Edit the Invoice Templates you've created for your ISN

  7. Real Estate Pro Dashboard
    - Allow Agents to see / view ALL of their reports via the Real Estate Professional Dashboard
    - Allow Agents to schedule an inspection via the Real Estate Professional Dashboard
    - Instead of using the special RED Scheduler use the FULL Online Scheduler (not recommended)
    - Allow my Agents to add notes to their orders. A notes field will be available in the "Review" stage when scheduling through the Real Estate Professional Dashboard.
    - Allow Agents to create an Inspection Repair Request Lists
    - Limit scheduling in Real Estate Professional Dashboard by postal codes and their associated daily availability.
    - Show inspectors and allow the Agent to choose one
    - Do not show the inspectors and give the Agent the first available appointment
    - Do not show the inspectors but allow the Agent to choose a date and time
    - Set the number of days of availability displayed at a time
    - Show appointments even if they are within 24 hours
    - Don't use the default duration of 3 hours. Instead, use the duration of the appointment slot as defined in Calendar --> My Online Schedule
    - Hide "Text Us" button on RED system
    - SMS/Email Notifications when RED orders are scheduled
    - Customize Application Title/Icon/Name on Rep's phone
    - Title at top of RED
    - Banner at top of RED (Image)
    - Override default SMS number
    - Color Customization

  8. Agreement Emailing Options
    - Override Sender Name/Email when Emailing Agreements

  9. Attachment Options
    - Set number of days an attachment link is available after an inspection

  10. Sample Report
    - Upload a Sample Report
    - Set template that is used when Sample is sent
    - Show Sample Report on RED

  11. Report Faxing Options
    - Show the Faxing Option for Reports
    - Add a note to the Inspection Order when Inspection is Faxed

  12. Email Event Options
    - Treat the Email Event On Hold Message as a System Warning

  13. Invoice Settings
    - Turn New Invoice Templates On/Off
    - Allow Inspections to be Invoice ready. Invoices can be emailed and/or printed.
    - Show the Invoice Icon on the Inspection Grid.
    - Show a "Pay Now" button when the client is viewing the invoice
    - Hide the terms box when an invoice is PAID
    - Display and allow the selection of Email Templates when sending invoices
    - Override the sender's name and sender's email when emailing an invoice manually
    - Set how Report Numbers are Generated

  14. ARM Settings
    - Enable Marketing Dashboard
    If you have any questions about this process please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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