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What we see on the ISN - Explained
What we see on the ISN - Explained

Office Settings, What I see

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In your ISN, you have the ability to control certain aspects of what information is displayed.

You can do this via Settings -- Office Settings -- What we see on the ISN

  1. Display Options (Grids): Allows you to control what information is displayed on the order grid view via a series of checkboxes 

2. Inspection Viewing Options: From this page you can control how your inspection orders appear on the Order Information Screen

3. ISN Calendar: Allows you to control what information appears on calendar entries via replacement value.

4. Google Sync: Allows you to control Google Synchronization and what information is populated on Google Calendar.

5. Report Number Options: Controls report number Editing, When they are applied, and the syntax used to generate them. 

6. Agent and Agency Options: Allows you to stipulate how long before an Agent goes Inactive in your ISN. Also controls how Agent/Agency information is displayed, and the permissions for adding private notes.

7. Agency Actions: Agency Actions can be used to keep track of arbitrarily defined events for your real estate agencies. For example, you could add an action titled "Dropped Marketing Material", and then use that action to keep track of when you last delivered marketing material to each agency.

8. Error and Warning Messages: Controls the pop-up notifications for various functions in your ISN

9. Inspection Printing Options: Similar to Inspection Viewing Options, This page allows you to control what information is populated when Printing Inspections

10. Unscheduled Inspections: Control whether unscheduled inspections show up on the calendar.

11. Inspection Order Options: Control booking options for your inspections, like automatically completing them, or removing clients/agents from your database when an order is deleted.

12. Inspection List Options: Allows you to set the title of the columns in the Inspection Grid view

13. Client Options: Similar to Agent and Agency Options, this allows you to set the period where a client is active in your ISN. As well as the ability to enter private notes for clients.

If you have any doubts or questions about this process please let us know!

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