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Settings -- Office Settings -- Inspection and Fee Settings. What do the selections mean.
Settings -- Office Settings -- Inspection and Fee Settings. What do the selections mean.

This article will describe what each button does under the Inspection and Fee Settings area of your ISN.

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In ISN, when you navigate to Settings -- Office Settings -- Inspection and Fee Settings, you'll have several different buttons. We'll explain here what each one does.

Agreements: This will take your to your agreements page where you can create/edit/view your agreements. You also can setup your inspection type associations here.

Fees: This is where you'll see each fee in your system. New fees can be created here, names and default amounts can be updated as well. Each fee will have a series of check boxes where you choose which calculators apply to each one.

Customize Order Form: This is where you can add/edit controls from your order form. You can rearrange the tabs on your order form as well. 

Fees Per Square Footage: This is where you'll enter your square footage fees. You can setup ranges for pricing or enter a per square foot charge. You can also setup square footage fees per service/inspection type/inspector/zip code here.

Inspection Types: Here is where you'll enter your inspection types. You can create/edit/delete them from this page. You can also set default durations and pricing.

Inspection Upgrades: Here is where you can setup upgrades by inspection type/services/packages. When someone goes through their signature process, they'll be presented with the upgrades you've configured here.

Inspection Flags: Inspection Flags are custom statuses you can create for orders that show on your inspections grid. For example, the grid can show a star logo if certain criteria is met.

Fees per Zip Code: You can configure premium/discounted prices per zip code here.

Foundation Types: This is where you add the different foundations types that you inspect. You can setup custom pricing and durations based on foundation as well.

Property Age Fees: This page will allow you to enter special pricing if you want to charge a premium based on the age of the property.

Taxes: Taxes can be entered on this page. Taxes are setup to charge per fee in your ISN so you can charge different tax rates per fee if needed.

Fees Per Mile: To setup additional fees based on the travel distance to an inspection, set them up here. You can setup mileage ranges or a flat rate per mile. This is also where you configure if you want your mileage to start from the inspector's address or the office address.

Cancel Reasons: When you cancel an order, it allows you to select a cancellation reason. You can later run reports on why orders are being cancelled over time. This is where you enter your different reasons.

Fees by Property Sales Price: If you charge your inspections based on the price of the home being inspected, you would enter your pricing here.

Referral Reasons: You can enter referral information into your order form and run reports on the referrals you're getting. Here is where you setup the different referral reasons.

Coupons: You can configure coupons in your ISN to either have your team enter manually or give out promo codes so people can apply them while scheduling via your website. Go here to configure your coupons.

Note Macros: If you often enter the same note(s) on orders, you can create macros here instead of typing the same thing out over and over. Create your macros here which will save to your ISN to save time.

Zip Codes: This is where you have the master list of zip codes in the ISN. Once zip codes are entered into ISN, it will start restricting orders per zip. Leave this area empty to have NO zip code restrictions.

Services & Packages: Here is where you'll configure your services and packages that present in your online scheduler (can also be on your order form). This is the same list you'll see on the services tab in your online scheduler settings.

Cost Centers: Cost centers is where you can allocate order's earnings to a specific location. If you operate several offices out of 1 ISN, you may use this feature.

Radon Settings: Radon Settings is where you will enter default radon configurations like how long a radon appointment is. You can also update what is displayed on the calendar for your radon appointments.

Radon Appointments Types: This is where you will configure the types of appointments that can be made within radon orders. Typically you will have 'Drop' and 'Pickup' types.

Radon Equipment: You can enter your radon equipment names/numbers here. Then you can choose which pieces of equipment are being used for each order and run a report to track where particular radon equipment is.

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