Adding Rush to an RER Order
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Sometimes you or your customers need a Repair Estimate Report (RER) in a shorter timeframe than the default of 48 hours.
There is a hard cost of $30 to rush the production of an RER, and every ISN is configured to charge your client $40 for an RER rush (the $10 difference is customizable and yours to keep!)
Please Note: Once an RER order has been placed it is not possible to add a retroactive rush to the order at this time.

An RER can be rush ordered in 3 places in the ISN, on the order form, through the online scheduler and on the order grid. 

Add Rush to an RER from the Order Form (haven't uploaded a report yet)

When scheduling your inspection, in the 'Services List' tab (it can be also named Services or Aditional Services) on your order form you can select Repair Estimate Report as an option to include on the order.
When you click that checkbox, you'll see another option appear to add a 'rush' to the order:

Then you'll need to confirm the addition of the rush

The price of the RER will automatically recalculate and you can finish scheduling the order!

Add Rush to an RER from the Online Scheduler (client/agent scheduling the order)

When placing an order in the Online Scheduler, your clients can select an RER:

Once they select the RER service they'll be presented with another option to Rush the order:

Example with RER and Rush Order:

Add Rush from the Order Grid (typically used when the report is already loaded)

Click on the Orange Clipboard icon in the RER column of your ISN.

Then in the modal window that appears you can click the 'Rush Order' toggle to add a Rush to an RER order, then click Purchase RER and follow those directions.

Once you hit Purchase RER you'll need to confirm the rush order.

If you have any questions about this information please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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