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The Daily Sequence Number (DSN/%DSN%)
The Daily Sequence Number (DSN/%DSN%)

The article will tell you what the %DSN% replacement value does

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One of the options for the auto generated report number is the daily sequence number (the DSN or %DSN%). This one little variable causes a lot of questions. Here is what it does:

It is the daily sequence for a job on the day it is scheduled.

Here is an example:

If you have no (zero) inspections scheduled for next Monday and you scheduled one, its DNS will be one (1).

Schedule another job and it will have a DSN of two (2). PLEASE NOTE: even if the job would happen BEFORE the job with sequence one (1) it would still be given a sequence number of two (2).

Now, unfortunately, you end up canceling that job or deleting it.

Warning: this is what causes more of the confusion

Now, you schedule another job, it will have a DNS of three (3) and not two (2). This is because the DSN of two (2) was already used for that day by the canceled / deleted job.

The DSNs are calculated for each day as new jobs are scheduled and added. When a job is deleted or canceled it still has the original DSN (in case you un-cancel it or un-delete it).

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