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This article shows you how to save a template for RecallChek in your ISN

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Saving a template within RecallChek can save you time whenever you need to submit a RecallChek report.

Log in to your ISN, navigate to Inspections -- Scheduled Inspections and you should arrive at the inspection grid.

Click the 'Blue i' for the inspection you need to create a RecallCheck for: 

Move your mouse over Options for this Order and then highlight and click RecallChek

Fill in the fields with your information as you are preparing to send submit this report to RecallChek.

Saving the template will require one submittal to RecallChek, so fill out the form when you are ready to send a report to RecallChek. Before submitting this report, be sure to click

Then, next time you need to enter a RecallChek report, the appliances that you entered will already be filled in. You can add new appliances with the Add Appliance button above, or delete any from the template by clicking the red X's on the right side of the screen.

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