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This article covers the Re-Inspect feature in ISN

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Many times your client or buyer's agent will request a re-inspection to be certain issues they asked to be repaired were handled and done properly. The Inspection Support Network has provided you a way to do this quickly, efficiently and with less typing to insert a new inspection order.

From the inspection grid Inspections -- Scheduled Inspections scroll over to the right side of the page and find the icon that looks like an arrow bent into a circle, Reinspect.

Clicking on this icon opens up the original inspection order and will open to the Inspector Date/Time tab where you can reset the date and time for the new re-inspection. Move to the Fees tab of the order, delete all of your original pricing and click on your re-inspect fee or leave at a zero balance if you do not charge for re-inspections, go to the Review tab next and Complete Order same as when you take any other inspection order. Your re-inspection is now placed on your calendar and email events queued up to go out.

Simple, quick, and not having to re-type all of the same information you took the first time. With just a few quick clicks you are all done!

You can also order a re-inspection from within the order information in the Actions tab.

If you have any doubts or questions about this process please let us know!

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