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Viewing Order Service and Package History
Viewing Order Service and Package History

This article discusses how and where to view Order Service and Package History

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Users have the ability to view Service and Package History in a few areas on the order form and order history.
Essentially, you can see what service/package was added to an order, when a service/ package was added to an order, along with who added the service/package.

Service History

On the order form, you'll want to navigate to the tab that contains your Services.
Select the service(s) and click "Save Inspection".

You'll notice the blue hyperlink that says "Show service history" right below your list of services.

Note:  Upon initial service selection, you'll want to always click "save inspection" as not doing so will show the services history as being blank.

Additionally, you'll want to click, "Save Inspection" after making secondary changes to select or deselect one or more services. Otherwise, your selections/deselections will not be registered and the previously saved data will show in the service history rather than being updated.

After you've saved the inspection, then click the "show Service History" link which will display a pop-up window displaying the services that were added/removed, who added/removed the Service(s)s under the Event column, with a timestamp of when the events were added/removed. 

There is another way to view Service History along with Package History on an order that is discussed further below.

Package History

Unlike, viewing Service History as outlined above, the only way to currently check Package History is by viewing the order history via the order summary page where you'll click Actions--View Order History.

Next, scroll all the way to the bottom to where you'll see Package History on the left side and Service History on the right.
As shown below, the package history log will show when the package was added, the user who added the package, and the package that was added to the order.

No User?

If you go to view details of your Service/Package History but do not see a User that has performed the behaviour, then this lets us know that the Service(s)/Package(s) were added via the Online Scheduler.

If you have any questions about this process please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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