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Occasionally when an invoice/payment is sent from ISN to Quickbooks the following error will appear: "Required parameter Line.DiscountLineDetail is missing".

To resolve this error, first confirm that you have mapped all of your accounts to your quickbooks item list. Follow this help article if you need help.

After mapping is complete, log into your quickbooks account and follow these steps.

Click on the gear in the upper right hand corner:  

Then click on chart of accounts:    

The following accounts should exist in your chart of accounts (but probably doesn't and that is why you are seeing the error:     

Let's create the account. From the chart of accounts page click "ADD"   

The account type is "Income" The Detail Type is "Discounts/Refunds Given" The Name is Discounts/Refunds Given. - Create and don't forget to hit save! 

Now that the appropriate account has been created in Quickbooks... you can create the invoice and send the payment over as usual from ISN to Quickbooks and you will no longer receive the error.

**If you have not reviewed the Quickbooks Online tutorial videos and still have questions click here.

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