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Quickbooks: (Step 5) Sending ISN Invoice Data
Quickbooks: (Step 5) Sending ISN Invoice Data
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Continued from Step Four

Now that you have your customer created in Quickbooks, you can send your ISN invoice & Payment data for that customer over as well.

Navigate to Tools ---> Quickbooks Online

Click on the "Add Invoice /Payment" option to send the data over to Quickbooks online

To review the invoice information click on the "Go to QuickBooksOnline" icon and select "Invoice" from the drop-down menu

Note: If you are connected to Quickbooks the browser will open a new window where you can see the invoice information, otherwise you will have to log in to Quickbooks to see the invoice.

If you need to update your invoice/payment data in Quickbooks click 

If you need to view your client or invoice data directly in Quickbooks you can click on these buttons: 

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