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Quickbooks: (Step 2) Syncing ISN Fees (Mapping to QBO Accounts)
Quickbooks: (Step 2) Syncing ISN Fees (Mapping to QBO Accounts)
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Continued from Step One

You can now map your ISN Fee items to your Quickbooks Products and Services List. This is a necessary step for invoices and fee items to be sent to Quickbooks.
Navigate to Tools > QuickBooks Online.

After clicking on "Synch ISN fees to QBO Items you will need to click on the drop-down on the right side of the list to choose which Product & Service in Quickbooks you want that fee item to be assigned to. You will see a green checkmark appear as they save.

When you are done with the "mapping" click "Return to QuickBooks Online Integration to begin sending client and invoice data over.

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