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Inspection Grid Column Headings

Edit View Inspection Grid column headings to meet your particular business needs

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A few of the columns you may see on your inspection grid can be edited to meet your particular business needs or removed altogether if you don't want to use them at all.

OID (Order Identification Number) - This column and its contents are used by the Inspection Support Network to keep track of your orders internally. You may have experienced our team asking you for an OID number when attempting to assist you. This allows us to quickly access and research the order that number references. You can use this number in your day to day operations if desired but if you have no use for it and would prefer not to see the column on the inspection grid you can delete the column altogether. Go to Settings -- Office Settings -- What We See on the ISN -- Display Option (Grids). Check the box to hide the column, Save Settings and you will no longer see this column on the grid.

RLSD (Released) - Originally used to note when an inspection report had been released to the client either manually or automatically through an email event by the system. Again, you can delete this column if you want to.

You can however choose to rename this column and use it how you desire. To do this go to Settings -- Office Settings -- What We See on the ISN -- Inspection List Options and type in the title you want to be displayed.

Another column you might want to remove or rename for your needs is Office. Found in the Display Option (Grids) as "Confirmed" and also in the Inspection List Option as well. Again, choose to Hide this column or rename it as needed.

The original intention of the Confirmed heading was inspectors would make a courtesy call the evening before to be sure nothing had changed for the inspection the next day. The Confirmed title was changed to Office in one instance as checks and balances for inspectors who received payment in the field, came back and checked they had received payment, and released the report but would not check Office. This provided the office administration staff a way of knowing whether the payment had actually been received in the office and a check wasn't lost in the inspector's truck somewhere.

As you can see, the possibilities with these columns can be customized to fit your business needs OR not seen at all. There are many other options within the Display Option (Grids) settings area. Take some time to review what options/settings are available, and decide what will work for your company. As always please remember when you make any changes to Save your Settings or Changes.

Once again the Inspection Support Network allows you to use the system for YOUR business requirements!

If you have any questions about this process please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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