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This article covers how to use the Log a Call feature in your ISN

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The following article will walk you through the process to Log a call through ISN.

First, log in to your ISN and select Tools, then Log a Call. This is where you can log a new call with a client or an agent. 

Next, search for the client or agent you're looking for with last or first name, or the inspection order associated with that person. I am searching for a client named Emmett.

When searching for an order, at the first screen of Log a call, you can either search for the address of the inspection, or the OID.
When searching, keep the search broad. As typing in 123 E Street. Will NOT pull up 123 East St.

After finding your person, you are presented with a screen that gives you the client's information, the order(s) he is associated with, other agents associated with him and the order, and other useful information on the call. Clicking these checkboxes will tie the call with those agents' notes and order notes, respectively.

Next, you will want to fill out the call information. Click Create New category Giving a name such as "Sales", "General Inquiry", "Important", etc. will help you organize your logged calls for future reference. 

Next in the Call Information section is Call Type, which simply tells whether You called Mary (outgoing) or Mary called You (incoming).

Next, click in the empty space next to Follow Up, a calendar appears where you can select a date, and then the time, that you would like to have an email reminder to follow up with the call. You can disable the follow up call emails by navigating to Settings -> My Information (bottom of my info page) 

You now know how to log a call with a client or an agent.

You can view your call log under Tools -- View Call Log

From there you can click the pencil icon to edit the call log or click the red and white x to delete a call log.

If you have any questions about this process please let us know!

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