How often do you have more than one client that needs to be added to an inspection order? Do they have different last names?? Separate email address??

Whether that be a husband and wife situation or two separate individuals entirely, you can enter the name of the first client in the First Name field and the name of the second client in the Last Name area field shown below.

For communication purposes, we highly recommend you to add an "&" (ampersand) symbol after the first client's name, this will help the replacement value %clientdisplayname% to properly display the recipients' name on every email template, Agreement, etc, ie. "Jhon Doe & Susie Smith":

In case the clients are a married couple, you can add the clients' firsts names in the First Name field and the Last Name for both of them, i.e. "Jhon & Mary Smith":

To add more than one email address, separate the email address with either a comma or a semi-colon ;
Please note: separating email addresses by a space will not work, they need a comma or semicolon.

Following these steps will ensure that both parties' names appear on all necessary documents, and they will each receive your emails as well.

Our recommended process is to put the first and last name of your first client in the First Name field and the first and last name of the second client in the Last Name field then both names, first and last in the display name field. Add both email addresses in the email field separated by a comma or semicolon as the screenshot above shows.

You can use the replacement value %clientdisplayname% which is the first and last names in any of your email templates. By doing this both client names will be inserted into your email templates and your agreements.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently only one client name will push to third-party services such as your report writer. While this may seem an easy task on the surface, it is quite complicated and will require more technical coding work from the ISN team as well as each third-party vendor team.

If you have any questions about this process please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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