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Updating Company, Event, and User Email Addresses
Updating Company, Event, and User Email Addresses

This article shows you all of the important places in your ISN where you can update sending from email addresses.

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If there ever comes a time that your need to update your company email address in your ISN, the following article will walk you through the many different areas of the ISN where the email address is used.

Email Events

We will start with the automatic Email Events, which can be found by navigating to Email --> Email Events:

From there click on the pencil icon for each event that needs the From email address updated:

The field that needs to be updated is the field named Sender Email Address:

Then scroll to the bottom and click on Update Email Event:

โ€‹IMPORTANT: The above steps will need to be repeated for each email event.

Company Email

Go to Settings -- Company Settings:

Look for the Company Owner's Email field and update it:

Don't forget to scroll down and click on Save Settings:

The go to Settings --> Office Settings --> My Office Settings --> Contact Information:

Look for the Manager's Email field, update it, and save your changes:

Next, navigate to Settings -- Office Settings -- and scroll down to: Interacting with Clients and Agents

In this area, we suggest that you go through each setting since many have your company email address embedded for numerous purposes. Please remember that for each of these categories, when the email address is updated, Save needs to be clicked in order for your changes to be retained.

User Account Email

Finally, update your User Profile (if necessary) by navigating to Admin --> User Administration:

Click on the Actions --> Edit:

Update the Email field:

Scroll down and click on Save Changes:

Please feel free to reach out to our support team via live chat, email to, or call us at 800-700-8112 for further assistance.

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