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See or Add order notes to an inspection

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If you add a note to an inspection via the inspection grid (Inspections -- View Inspections) there is no immediate feedback as to where the note "went." 

Adding a note from the new inspection grid will look like this.
On the New inspection grid click on Actions -- Add Note

Adding a note from the Old inspection grid will look like this.

To view the order notes first locate the inspection in the order grid and select the
Blue (i) icon to view the order.
New grid

Old grid

Next, scroll down to locate the Inspection Order Notes section. This section contains all of the notes from the order and allows for the ability to delete notes from the order. 

If you do not see Inspection Order Notes section in your order information, you may have accidentally turned it off from view. Here is how you get it back. Go to Settings -- Office Settings -- What We See on ISN -- Inspection Viewing Options

 Check the box here for that section to show in your order information.

Do you have notes you use on a regular basis?  Set them here to choose from the drop-down when adding new notes.  Settings -- Office Settings -- Inspection and Fee Settings -- Note Macros.

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