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Custom Control - How to Create the Packages Control and Use Package Pricing for the Order Form
Custom Control - How to Create the Packages Control and Use Package Pricing for the Order Form

This article will walk you through creating the Packages control and using Package Pricing on the Order Form.

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Adding the Packages control to your Order Form can be an efficient way of selecting Packages on the Order Form, as well as seeing Packages that are selected via your Online Scheduler version 3.

If you have not set up Packages in your ISN, then you'll want to review our article here to get started. 

Setting up the Packages Control on the Order Form 

You'll want to navigate to Settings--> Office Settings--> Customize Order Form--> +Add section:

Next, set the name and description to Packages or your desired verbiage
Be sure to hit, Save! 

You will then see the Packages section appear in the Order Form Section as a tab.

Next, you'll want to add the actual control which can be done in three ways, all indicated via the arrows below: Edit (pencil)Controls icon, Edit pencil icon, or the blue hyperlink that says "add one now!"

Add Package Control to Pre-Existing Section

If you do not want the Packages control as its own tab on the Order Form, and would prefer to add the control to an already established tab then you'll want to simply click the Edit Controls icon in the row of the section to where you want to add the Packages control:

Adding the Control

In either instance, you'll be routed to this page, where you'll want to click the green, '+Add a Control' button

Next, in the Type drop-down menu, you'll select Packages, and you can fill in the remaining fields as desired, or as they appear below:

Be sure to hit, Update Control, and your new Packages control will now be added to your Order Form!

Package Pricing Modal 

Once you have added the Packages control, you'll want to navigate to your Order Form to review how the Package control interacts and behaves on your Order Form. 

To select a package, you'll click the drop-down menu; here, Termite + Mold are selected.
To view the Package Pricing, you'll want to click the gray box to the right of the drop-down menu:

The pop-up window will further show a break down of the pricing of the services as configured in your Packages!

Note: this will auto-calculate any modifiers that are set up with the services fees. Click here to learn more about Package modifiers.

The Package pricing will issue an alert if/when pricing to a service fee is changed elsewhere on the order form, like changing the square footage which can impact any fees that are configured to calculate fees by square footage.

In this order, OID 122, the square feet was changed from 2000 to 2500.

You'll notice immediately that upon changing the square feet, the Package tab lights up with a blue warning triangle.

When we click on the Packages tab, the pricing modal along with another pop-up above the actual tab, further indicate that a change to the order pricing has occurred and may affect the overall pricing.

You'll want to click the green, Show New Pricing, button to see the new pricing:

Next, taking a closer look at the pricing modal after a price change, the modal will show a flow illustration of the new price from the old price for whatever service fee(s) was(were) modified, and will show a price flow for the total amount as well.

You can select Apply Pricing or Update(this specifically refreshes the pricing based on the information in the order) and the new fees will be reflected on the Fees tab. 

When you select Apply Pricing, you'll see the green alert below:

When you are finished with the pricing window, you'll want to click the -- Close button

Special Note: If you unselect a service via the Services control on your Order Form, keep in mind that this will not affect the Package pricing by removing the service.

If you have any questions about this process please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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