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This article shows you how to save a custom report to re-run in your ISN periodically.

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When creating an advanced report, it's helpful to be able to save and re-use reports later.

To do this, navigate to Β Admin -- Download Inspections -- Advanced Tab


Reports -- My Reports -- Inspections -- Custom Report -- Advanced Tab

All the information that appears in this report is exactly what you have on your order form (what ISN refers to as: controls).
This allows you to determine (customize) exactly what information from the inspection order that will be included on the report.

Select the information YOU desire in your report, then enter a name in the Name Box and click on Download.

A blue button with your report name will appear next time you hit the page.
Clicking it will pre-select the checkboxes you had there previously.

There is no current limit on the number of custom reports you can have.

With the new Report interface go to the Inspection section and click on Custom Download:

Build your report and add the report name just like the old report interface. Click on download and the report will be saved:

If you have any doubts or questions about this process please let us know!

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