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This article will help you integrate your InspectCheck Software to you ISN

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When you create a job in ISN, we create a 'footprint' automatically for every inspection order. (If an inspection is booked for a time in the past you will need to manually create one however.)
InspectCheck is able to extract the basic information about the property from these 'footprints'.
The information extracted is:
Client Info
Inspection Address
Inspection Fee
Agent Info (Buyer's or Seller's)
Inspection Date
Additional Services

At this time the Year Built, Square Footage, and Foundation Type are not extracted.

The benefit of integrating the two programs is that it prevents you from needing to do a double entry for a single inspection. The good news is, the sync is 'two-way', meaning information is sent to InspectCheck, and the completed reports are sent back to ISN, completing the order.  There are other options in InspectCheck for delivering your report, as well.

To integrate the two programs, First, log into your ISN and click on Settings -- My Access Keys button found here;

Then go to your InspectCheck dashboard and click Company Settings

While in Company Setting in InspectCheck, "paste" all 3 keys from above step (you will have to do this one key at a time) then click "Save" at the bottom left.

Now you can import your ISN inspection orders as new reports into your InspectCheck.  This process will pull in all ISN inspections that are marked as scheduled, not completed, and are either in the future or within the last 10 days. If an inspection in ISN has already been imported into InspectCheck, or if there is a report in InspectCheck already that matches the inspection date and property address, it will be updated in InspectCheck.  However, reports in InspectCheck that have been edited/saved by inspectors, or that are finalized/archived, will not be changed by the ISN import.

Now that you have entered the ISN Access Keys into your InspectCheck settings, the "Import ISN Inspections" button will be visible on your InspectCheck Dashboard.

After you have completed a report in InspectCheck and you have an ISN account, the finalized screen will now look like this:

That's it!  We have reduced your need to enter your information twice and sent your report for you.  The integration between ISN and InspectCheck should help you streamline your office process.  
If you have questions about InspectCheck or their software please contact them directly at 800-338- 7717 or

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