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Agency Relationship Manager (ARM) Overview
Agency Relationship Manager (ARM) Overview

Find out about the powerful features released in the Agency Relationship Manager

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This article gives you an overview of the Agency Relationship Manager (ARM) feature of the ISN!
To learn how to activate this feature in your ISN, click here.

The ARM is a powerful new way to organize and prioritize.  The outreach to your agents is accessible by navigating to Tools Agency Relationship Manager.

The tool is divided into six distinct sections: 

  1. Dashboard

  2. To-Do

  3. Appointments

  4. Route Builder

  5. Agencies

  6. Agents

  7. Rep Info

Section 1. Dashboard

The Dashboard page allows you to see the activity of all your Agencies at a glance, graphing out the Inspection Counts and Total Inspection Fees.

Click Details at the top right of any charts to get a more detailed report.

Section 2. To-Do

The To-Do page allows you to see what appointments and/or tasks representatives have at any given moment.

You must logged in as an office administrator for you to be able to select a specific representative, otherwise, pick the start and end date range you want to view.
It will pull up all appointments and all tasks assigned to the representative for the date range chosen.

Click the "i" button next to an appointment to view more detailed information, as well as start/stop, log notes, or add new tasks.

Back on the main To-Do tab.

  1. Selecting "Print" at the top right prints all the appointments shown for that date.

   2. Selecting "Report" at the top right allows you to export or print this Report of all the appointments or tasks shown for that date range. 

   3.  You can even add a New Task here too!!

Section 3. Appointments

The Appointments module displays the interactions your representatives have scheduled with their assigned agencies, which can optionally be viewed as a traditional list, or a daily schedule.

The Appointments module also provides the option to view the selected representative's appointments as mapped routes using the "View Route" button at the top of the page, right of the View options.

Section 4. Route Builder

The Route Builder module allows the mapping of multiple agencies in a single view, providing your representatives with the ability to better schedule their time and increase their productivity by arranging their appointments based on agency locations.
Special Note: It is not currently possible to save or re-use routes. Routes that you would like to save/reuse will need to be set up days or weeks out in advance.

Agencies displayed on the routing map can be filtered by status and label.

Select your starting point, any agency in your list, and the desired end point. You will see a map created to show the best route to your selected stops. 

Grab the arrows next to each agency's name to change the order of appointments.

Once you have your agencies set, you will see a map generated with the best route to each appointment.

Section 5. Agencies

The Agencies section facilitates easy searching, editing, and organization of your agencies. Attach labels, assign representatives, and build routes to your various agencies, all from here.

Route, representative, and label actions can be performed individually, or in groups, by selecting the box(es) to the left of each agency name for which you want to perform the action. Once you've made your selection(s), the action is performed using the appropriate button at the top of the Agencies list display.

Filter and sorting options are available at the top right corner of the Agencies list. 

Select the View Agency Details icon (the ‘ i ’ icon) to the left of an agency card to view that agency's specific profile.

Within the agency profile, you can review/add agents, notes, actions, tasks, and appointments pertaining to your ongoing agency relationship.

Section 6. Rep Info

The Rep Info module provides a single, intuitive, interface where your agency relationship representatives' profiles, appointment calendars, time clocks, and tasks can be reviewed and managed with ease.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at (800) 700-8112, or you can email us at or open a chat in the upper right corner of your ISN!

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