This article assumes you are familiar with the Porch Repair Estimate Report Feature. For more information, click here.

Interested in offering your agents or clients the Repair Estimate Report? This article will walk you through the simple setup process, so you can start selling RERs today!

Setup for the Porch Repair Estimate Report (RER) is very simple in the ISN.

Simply navigate to Settings -- Office Settings -- Working with Other Applications - Porch Repair Estimate Report

The first time you see this page, it will indicate the system is ‘Disabled’ and you’ll click the blue ‘GET STARTED NOW’ button.

This will take you into a five-step wizard to help you set up the RER!

Step 1- Information

This page will give you some information on what to expect while stepping though the set up wizard.

Step 2- Sign Up

On this page, click on the white, "Sign Up" button to turn the RER feature

Repair Estimate Report - When you add a Repair Estimate Report to an order, ISN will charge you $40. We will also add an $80 RER fee to the purchaser’s order invoice--leaving you with a $40 profit!

Step 3- Who do you plan on marketing the RER to?

Previously, you had to choose to deliver the RER to either the client or the agent. Now, you can send the RER to clients and agents simultaneously in order to save you time and communicate with both stakeholders in a more efficient way.

The Buyer Option

The buyer’s option will ensure that the report is delivered via Porch exclusively to the agent. The client will not receive the report from Porch and will need to review it with their agent.

The Client Option

The client option will ensure the report is delivered via Porch exclusively to the prospective home buyer. The agent will not receive the report from Porch.

The Agent and Client Option

The agent and client option will ensure that the report is delivered via Porch to both the buyer’s agent and client.

What do Emails to my Clients and Agents look like?
To view examples of the emails that send based off of your selections during setup, click here!


You can elect to have the system generate an email to your office (or someone else!) when:

  1. An RER request is sent to the Porch Team

  2. An RER is complete and sent to the client or agent.

Note: If you select the client as who the RER is marketed to, an additional checkbox will show on this screen where you can enable a notice to the Buyer's Agent when a report is sent to the client.

How to Use

Once you finish setup, the last step of the wizard is a confirmation screen that shows you how to use it:

At the bottom of this page you can click the Take me to the RER Settings Page button to exit the wizard, or you can safely navigate to other parts of the ISN.

Required Step to make it available in the Online Scheduler:

If you use the Online Scheduler, you’ll want to make sure to add inspectors to your new Repair Estimate Report service.

To do so, navigate to Settings -- Office Settings -- Online Scheduler Settings and add all of your Online Scheduler inspectors to the new service. (works in versions 2 & 3!)

For more information on how to purchase Repair Estimate Reports, click here!

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