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Setting up Radon - (2) Add Radon Control to Order Form
Setting up Radon - (2) Add Radon Control to Order Form

This article is the second step for setting up Radon in your ISN

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Create a separate Radon appointment control for drop-off and pickup right into your order form.

This will allow you to schedule a Radon appointment, assign it to an inspector and keep track of your Radon equipment.

To add this Radon Control go to Settings --> Office Settings --> Customize Order Form

First, add a Radon section, then click on Add Section (green button at the top left corner). Name and Description could simply be Radon, then select Save.

Once you have your new section, it's time to add a radon control. Click on add one now! or the pencil icon.

Select Add a control

Control Type: Radon

Name: Radon Test

Description: Radon Test

Then update Control

Now you are ready to schedule that Radon test right from your new order form.

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