Go to Clients/Agents in your navigation bar at the top of your ISN and click the menu option for whichever list you'd like to set columns for.

Click the Columns button to the upper right of your list of Clients or Agents.

This will pop up a modal window where you can decide which columns you'd like to have appear, and in what order.

  1. You can click and drag the hamburger icon here to rearrange a column.

  2. You can uncheck any columns you don't want to display on the grid.

  3. After making any changes here, be sure to save!

All of these columns are set to appear by default and the system will remember your preferences on a per-user, per-device basis.

If you have any questions about this process please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at help@inspectionsupport.com, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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