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Setting Up Duration Calculations
Setting Up Duration Calculations

This article will help you override the default inspection duration and assign your own.

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In your ISN there is a default duration of 3 hours per inspection. 

**You can change the default Duration of your inspections by clicking here.

But, there are also many ways to adjust the duration** within ISN allowing you to control duration based off of Square Footage, Foundation Type, Age, Sales price or even Inspection Type. (Keep in mind that if you adjust duration in ISN it will override our default of 3hrs.)

In addition, it is important to remember if you adjust duration in multiple places, the duration will add all the calculators together to determine one total duration. (Be careful not to double duration using both inspection type and the square footage calculator).

To adjust duration based on the calculators, let's click on Settings --> Office Settings.

Once you are in Office Settings, you can select the calculator you want to control duration with:

Then edit the duration as shown below:

  • Inspection Types

  • Square Footage

Note: In the previous example, if we had any Inspection Type other than Commercial, and we want the third and fourth ranges (All Orders) to calculate the duration, we must make sure the following checkbox is on:

  • Foundation Type

  • Property Age

Be sure to save after you make any changes to the calculators in ISN.

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