Zip Code Filtering Setup for RED

This article covers how to use the Zip Code system in ISN

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The ISN keeps a persistent list of Zip Codes that you service. We now offer the ability to limit Real Estate Dashboard bookings based off of Zip Codes and day of the week!

Please Note: This feature does not extend to other parts of the ISN at this time, but we will notify you as we expand it out!

Go to Settings -- Office Settings -- Inspection and Fee Settings -- Zip Codes 

The New Zip Code system User Interface

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  1. Search - You can use this text field to search through your zips to find a specific one or set.

  2. Checkboxes - Check the boxes next to your zip codes if you'd like to see which zips are active on your map on the right side.

  3. Edit - Click the pencil icon next to any of your zips to modify it.

  4. Day Modifiers - Checking one of these boxes will adjust all visible zip codes so they are activated/deactivated on that day of the week.

  5. Delete - Click the trashcan icon next to a zip code to remove it for you.

  6. Map - This view will show you all active zips you have selected, with indicating pins for which day of the week as being active or not.

Enabling Zip Code Filtering in the Real Estate Professional Dashboard (RED)

To turn the filtering feature on for your RED, go to Settings -- Office Settings -- Interacting with my Clients and Agents -- Real Estate Pro Dashboard. 

Then check the box for the option "Limit scheduling in Real Estate Professional Dashboard by postal codes and their associated daily availability."

Then scroll down and hit Save Settings

Adding New Zip Codes

To add a new zip to this list you can hit the blue Add Postal Code button in the upper left of the page within the ZIP Codes settings:

In the modal popup that appears you can enter multiple zip codes in the text box, separated by commas, and then assign a state to them.
Check the boxes next to the days of the week you'd like to filter this zip code to be active on.

Hit Add to put your new zips in place.

If you have any doubts or questions about this process please let us know!

You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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