This article contains information on creating several different, unique, labels using Microsoft Word Mail Merge tool.

Note: We are providing these instructions as a courtesy. Screenshots and references to specific areas of Microsoft Word may not be up to date with the latest release.

A mail merge is used for creating documents that have the same format, but some fields may be different. This can be used for creating letters, labels, and emails. 

To set this up, you will just need a copy of Microsoft word, and a template like ours here, that contains the values «Next Record» and «AddressBlock».

First, open your ISN and go to Clients/Agents -- Create Labels with Microsoft Word

Next you will want to choose who you will want to create labels for. Similar to the Mass Mail function, you can categorize by Clients, Agents, and/or any labels created for them. Once you have chosen who you want to send to, select Create List. 

You will see a CSV file start to download.

Now open our word template. Select ‘Mailings, hit Select Recipients. It will then ask for where the file is located. If you are not sure, check your downloads folder. Confirm the location, then hit Preview Results

It will populate the values now with the names and addresses you downloaded from your ISN contact list. 

If everything looks good. Select File, Print, and confirm your printer. 

You have now printed several individualized mailing labels. 

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