The new dashboard is currently optional and must be turned on in your ISN before use. It has many new features, streamlined widgets, and a much sleeker user interface.

When you first access the Dashboard in your ISN you’ll now see a banner where you can turn on the new one, just hit the try now button.

The new dashboard works with updated technology and is much snappier and more customizable:

Each user can still set up their individual ISN Dashboard for their needs.

The new Dashboard Configuration screen allows you to search and activate widgets en masse.

Users can also  increase or decrease the number of columns on their dashboard from 2 (for very small screens) up to 6 (for very large screens).

Widgets can be easily dragged between columns, or sent to the top/bottom of a particular column.

The new dashboard will also intelligently resize so you can’t accidentally hide widgets from yourself!

Many widgets that were separated out are now combined together so you can see metrics and graphs per Year, Month, Week, Day, or geolocation where appropriate, eliminating the need for multiple widgets with similar functionality.

Easy to switch - not ready for the new dashboard yet? You can still switch over to the old one for now! Simply hit the switch back link in the banner at the top of the new dashboard.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to open a chat with us, email us at, or give us a call at 800-700-8112

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