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Setting Up the Online Scheduler Version 2 (Step 4) - Questions
Setting Up the Online Scheduler Version 2 (Step 4) - Questions

This article covers how to set up questions that are unique to your online scheduler and not tied to your order form.

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Continued from Setting Up the Online Scheduler (Step 3)
You can add extra questions to your Online Scheduler that don't necessarily exist in your order form.
To add a question click Add Question to the upper left of your questions list.

In the screen that pops up you can choose between a text field or a checkbox.

A cost can be applied to a checkbox control question and even multiplied by a specific amount based on user input.

Text Box controls can be used to let users supply free text answers to questions.
Once you've set up your question type hit Save to return to your list of questions.

You can use the Edit button by a service to modify it on this page, or the Delete button to remove it entirely.
Specific questions can also be set to show up only when certain services are selected by checking them off in the Applicable Services column.

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