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Advantages of the New ISN Invoice System
Advantages of the New ISN Invoice System

The new Invoice System offers many advanced features over our legacy system

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We've upgraded the Invoicing System! Review the following information to learn how you can customize your own invoice templates, and have greater control over who can see invoices for your orders using the New Invoice System.

Powerful New Features

Invoice Template Customization: Where our legacy invoice system limited you to a small number of pre-configured invoice templates, the New Invoice System adds the capability to customize your invoices to look and feel however you want, very similarly to editing your email templates and agreements!

Advanced Manual Sending Options: Manually sending your invoices via the New Invoice System, while still bearing similarities to the procedure in the legacy system, offers significantly greater customization options. Select the Invoice option from the Actions menu at either Inspections -- Scheduled Inspections, or when viewing the order form of an order. 

This will pop up a new Invoice Screen with a few important areas:

  1. Invoices for OID: You'll see the Order ID you're viewing invoices for indicated in the upper left.

  2. Send Invoice:This tab displays the screen for sending your invoices.

  3. Sent Invoices: If you click this tab, you can see any invoices that have been sent.

  4. Invoice: This dropdown lets you select your invoice template. (it will default to whichever you have selected as your default invoice under Settings -- Office Settings -- Interacting with my Clients and Agents -- Invoice Templates)

  5. Due: This dropdown is where you can set what you want the Due box to display.

  6. Show as Paid: Checking this box will force the invoice to show as paid (and unchecking will not show it as paid) regardless of actual order status.

  7. Payor: This dropdown lets you select a payor if it's going to be different than your template default.

  8. About Order: This box gives you an overview of the order information and has a button to view the order overall.

  9. Total Fee: Paid/Unpaid This is an indicator on the order view area to tell you the current paid status of the order.

  10. Email this invoice to: These boxes let you choose recipients for the invoice. Clicking the + symbol by the To: Cc: or Bcc: fields will let you select any person or contact from that order (clients, agents, escrow, insurance, or custom contacts!) to email the invoice to.

  11. Attach as PDF file: This checkbox will send the Invoice as an attachment to an email when you hit Send Invoice (item 14) with it checked.

  12. Email Message: This text field is for you to add a personalized message to the recipient within the email body. It's not a mandatory field.

  13. Email template: Using this drop-down menu you can select the message to be sent to the invoice recipient.

  14. SMS this invoice to: You can enter mobile numbers you want to text your invoice link to. (does not support the Attach as PDF checkbox). Clicking the + sign lets you select contacts from the order to text the invoice to.

  15. Preview Area: this is a scrollable box that shows you a preview of the invoice as it will look before you send or save it. It will update in real-time with any changs you make in the options area.

  16. Send Invoice: This is the button you'll click to actually send the invoice.

  17. View PDF: This button will generate a PDF of your invoice.

  18. Print: This button will trigger your browser's print dialogue so you can print a copy of the invoice directly.

  19. Close: Closes the invoice dialogue.

The New Sent Invoices Tab

The New Invoice System also offers new options and information via the Sent Invoices tab (item 3 above), not available in the legacy system.

Here you can see who an invoice was sent to, as well as how. Invoices can also be revoked and restored at any time! Invoices will show up ascending in the order they were sent.

  1. Name: You can see the name of the invoice template that was sent for each entry.

  2. Email Recipients: You can see the email addresses listed here that an invoice was sent to.

  3. SMS Recipients: This will display the phone numbers for each recipient of the invoice if it's sent via SMS.

  4. Sent: This is where you'll see the date and time an invoice was sent, as well as who sent it.

  5. Info: Click the blue i icon next to an invoice to view that invoice as it was sent out.

  6. Revoke and Restore Access: Use these buttons to disable and re-enable access to a particular invoice sent from the order.

  7. If an invoice is revoked you'll see who revoked it, and when, under the name of the invoice.

Enhanced End User Experience

The New Invoice System offers your recipients new experiences, not available in the legacy system, that vary depending on how the invoices are sent.

Invoice Web page:
If you hit the Send Invoice button on the invoice screen, but don't check the option to attach as a PDF, the user will get an email template with a link to view their invoice.
Then, when they click that link, they'll get a web page with the invoice you sent them:

  1. Print: Triggers a dialogue window in their web browser to print the invoice out.

  2. Download PDF: Downloads a PDF version of the invoice.

  3. Email Us: Triggers a send email command so they don't have to type in your office email address.

  4. Call Us: Triggers a phone call command so they don't have to type in your office phone number (most effective on smart phones)

PDF Invoice
When you check the box to send the Invoice as a PDF, the client gets the same sort of view as the web page, but they don't have access to the print, download, email, and call buttons. 

Invoice Landing Page
If you were to go to Actions -- Send Email Template on an order, or if your invoice is sent via an Email Event, and you have multiple invoices on an order, the system will generate a landing page for the user to see all of the non-revoked invoices for an order. 

  1. Invoice: Here you'll see the names of the templates used in each invoice that is sent out.

  2. Amount: you can see how much is owed in each invoice.

  3. View: You can click these buttons to view each invoice.

  4. Call Us/Email us: Click these buttons to email or call the office.

Note: If you only have a single invoice on an order, the system will automatically open up to that singular invoice. The landing page will only show if multiple invoices, that are not revoked, are in place.

When you're ready to take greater control over your invoices, select the following links to enable the New Invoice System and begin customizing your invoices!

If you have any doubts or questions about this process please let us know!

You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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