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Email Delays from ISN
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Email is now a way of life for most of us in business. A common perception of email is it is real time. I click send and you get it in your inbox instantly, right? This is actually far from the truth and the amazing consistency of the delivery has caused all of us to mask that it is not an instant technology.

At ISN we send thousands and thousands of emails every day of the year so we have an interesting picture of the delivery challenges of email. Email is actually "queued up" when it is sent. When the sender has time it searches out where the email should go and puts the email message in the receiving queue at the receiver’s side.

There are a lot of places in the email lifecycle where delays are hiding. You have delays leaving the sending system, processing on the receiving system, going through SPAM filters and finally landing in your inbox.

The only thing at ISN we can control in the process is the sending portion of the transaction. We control this well. Our average sending time is less than 10 seconds for every single email we send. If you click send on ISN it will be out of our network within 10 seconds. We manage multiple mail servers in our network to make sure we can always provide this type of delivery for you.

After we let go of the email we relinquish control to the network gnomes on the interwebs.

So, where are the delays in the email from ISN?

Currently there are no consistent delays. Occasionally we will have a service like AOL ask us to stop sending them email for a few hours. In this case we hold the email until AOL will allow us to send the email. However, generally, this is not the case and 99% of the time we enjoy a near instant delivery of messages.

We may not always enjoy a near instant delivery of email messages but we certainly will work hard each and every day to make sure we do! If you have a customer waiting on an email from ISN or if you yourself are waiting for an email from ISN there is a good chance it is the receiving service and not ISN.

If you ever have questions about email on ISN I encourage you to ask us on Live Support!

If you have any questions about this information please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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