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Sending an Email from the Inspection Grid
Sending an Email from the Inspection Grid

This email will help you to send emails right from the inspection grid

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You must already have made the template you want to send out. If you have not yet developed your email template. Please follow this link, it will assist you in getting the template completed and ready for sending.

First go to your Inspection Grid (Inspections--- View Inspections)

Find the order associated with the email you wish to send.  

Next Click the Actions drop down and select Send Email Template

Click on the drop down and select the email template you are wishing to send out.

  1. Decide whom you would like the email to go to. Click the blue "add to" button next to the name.

  2. Add any additional message you would like if you included %message% in your template

  3. Click the green "Send Email Template" once it has been sent you will get a blue banner at the top of the screen confirming it has been sent

Now that your email has been sent. You will be able to see it logged into this order in the notes area of the order. 

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