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Customize the Inspection Grid

This article shows you how to customize the inspection grid in your ISN.

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Each user account in your ISN can set their own preferences for viewable columns and organization of data.

In each account go to Inspections -- Scheduled Inspections:

At the bottom of the Inspection Grid, you'll see the Settings button. Click on it:

Scroll down and click on Settings on the bottom left.

The items in the green box are the columns already displayed on your grid. To remove a column, drag and drop the item from the green box into the red one. The items in the red box are available items that you can add to your grid. To add a column, drag it from the red box into the green. Make sure to Save when you're done. 

To rearrange the order in which the columns are displayed, grab the horizontal lines icon to the left of an item and drag it where you would like this column. Make sure to Save when you're done. 

Note: Check the bottom of this article for a full list of available columns for your inspection grid.

There is a check box for Show Action Icons instead of an Actions drop down that will either bunch your "Action" items into a drop down button (unchecked) or it will show icons on your grid for each item (checked). 

Unchecked Notice the items broken out once "Actions" is selected 

Checked Notice there is no "Actions" button - instead each "Action" item has its own button. 

Available Inspection Grid Columns

Below is a list of available column options that you can show/hide/rearrange on your inspection grid via the blue Settings button. If any of these options don't appear for you, make sure you don't have them disabled from view entirely. For more information click here.

  1. Confirmed

  2. Date

  3. Report #

  4. Inspectors

  5. RLSD

  6. Photo

  7. Address (show county, sft and/or yrbuilt)

  8. County

  9. QA

  10. Sign

  11. Fee

  12. Paid

  13. OID

  14. Client#

  15. Policy#

  16. Policy Holder

  17. Order Type

  18. Foundation Type

  19. Year Built

  20. Square Feet

  21. Notes

  22. Client (no contact info)

  23. Client Name - with phone and email

  24. Buyer’s Agent (no contact info)

  25. Buyer’s Agent - with phone and email

  26. Seller’s Agent (no contact info)

  27. Seller’s Agent - with phone and email

  28. Insurance Agent - with phone and email

  29. Escrow Officer - with phone and email

  30. Home Owner’s Network (HON)

  31. S24 (Secure 24)

  32. Alarm Leads

  33. InterNACHI Buy Back

  34. Cost Center

  35. RecallChek

  36. One Source

If you have any questions about this process please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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