The Following article will walk you through the process to set up Credit Card Processing. You'll need to get a Guardian account and then you'll want to connect it to your ISN. The steps for both of these processes are outlined below:

Getting a Guardian Account

First you need to make sure you sign up for an account with Guardian Financial. They guarantee the most competitive rates in the inspection industry, have no monthly fees, and are the only officially supported Credit Card Processor for the ISN.
If you don't currently have a Guardian account, give them a call today to talk about switching over! 

You can also visit them online at

Aaron Fuhriman Phone: 1-800-608-7363 ext 605

Ben Tolman Phone: 1-800-608-7363 ext 603

Finding Merchant ID, User ID, and Password

Your User ID and Password will be the same ones you use to log into your account.
You can find your Merchant ID by logging into your cardpointe account and navigating to Administration -- Descriptors -- Location and finding the numbers prefixed by MID.

Connecting your ISN and Guardian Accounts

Login to your ISN and go to Settings -- Office Settings -- Payment Options. This is where you control how the ISN processes payment information. 

Next, check the box for 'Use the ISN Payment System' if it's unchecked:

Then select the radio button for Guardian Financial on the Card Payment System section.
Then you'll need to enter your Guardian Financial account Merchant ID, User ID, and Password.

Then hit Save Payment Preferences and you're all set!

Enable Credit Card Authorization

Select whether or not you want to use Credit Card Authorization at the bottom of this page and be sure to hit Save Payment Preferences!

We do NOT recommend that users use Credit Card Authorization, as the prices for inspection can vary when an inspector gets out to the job, etc. Once the card has been authorized, the authorized amount cannot be changed, the card must be charged again.

You have now set up Credit Card Processing within ISN. Happy Inspecting!

If you have any questions about this information please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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